Ultimate Tips for Climbing Mera and Island Peak

Are you planning to go for Trekking in Nepal? Do you want to test your mental and physical abilities before going trekking? If yes, then you can climb Mera peak or Island peak. Both are the most popular mountaineering destinations, which are worth considering.

Saribung Pass, Nepal treks

Additionally, they are highly sought after peaks in the globe and it is the best introduction to the high altitude mountaineering. It is also recommended for the climbers who wish to reach higher Himalayan peaks.

Here, you will get some excellent tips for Mera and Island Peak Climbing to make your trip unforgettable. Before entering into the topic, get to know about Island and Mera peak.

On the way of island peak climb with Everest Base Camp

A brief introduction of Island peak

Island peak is situated in the picturesque and majestic Imja valley on the Everest. It is actually standing at the 6189meters above the sea level. This voyage provides fabulous scenery of the Himalayas. You can enjoy the spectacular 360-degree panorama view of several Himalayan mountains on its summit ridge. It includes Nuptse, Lhotse Shar, Makalu, Barunteseon, and AmaDablam.

About Mera peak

Mera peak is one of the most popular trekking peaks in Nepal, which many people do not know. In fact, it is a climb, not a trek. It is located at 6431metre above the sea level. On a clear day, you will see five of the six highest mountains on the Earth. Mera peak climbing is truly memorable view in your lifetime, which you never forget.

Climbing to Mera Peak

Useful tips for climbing Mera and Island peak

Once you have decided to climb Island and Mera peak, you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically to face many adventures. Below-mentioned is additional and essential tips to make your climbing unforgettable and trouble-free.

• Ensure you have the proper training to climb the highest peak

• Purchase high-quality mountaineering boots beforehand

• It is better to join any of the mountaineering courses to avail in-depth climbing knowledge

• Make sure you have the right gear and clothing

• Safety is important so that be careful on the trail

• Try to have a qualified and experienced climbing guide to help you in many situations

• Have a proper acclimatization schedule

• Having prior altitude experience is worthwhile

• Think about winter skills training

• Manage your personal health and hygiene

• Get to know the right time to climb the peak



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